Our Investment Strategy

Advance and Protect

Few things are more difficult than sitting by and watching all of your hard-earned gains evaporate just because the market is falling. At Wirick Asset Management, we hope to curtail that experience by implementing an investment strategy called Advance and Protect.¹

Advance and Protect is a technical, risk-controlling approach and does not rely on favorable conditions in any particular market, sector, or asset class. Instead of holding onto assets throughout the entire market cycle or “riding out the storm,” this strategy is intended to diversify during times of uncertainty while capturing returns in times of growth. This disciplined active management approach can help lower your portfolio volatility.

The process relies on both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Quantitative information – price, volume, and momentum – helps to reveal entry and exit points. Qualitative inputs include a deep understanding of the fundamentals of the economy, markets, and investments. Our process monitors each portfolio component on a daily basis and adjusts your investment mix as the business cycle evolves.

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1. There is no guarantee this strategy will meet its objectives. This strategy does not guarantee a profit or guarantee protection against loss. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.